Heap New York

Heap New York

Heap New York provides free oil to low income New Yorkers!

HEAP New York

For a lot of New Yorkers, times are tough financially. You work hard to take care of your family but still have a hard time paying your home heating bills.

HEAP New York can help!

“HEAP” stands for the Home Energy Assistance Program.

HEAP New York is a federally funded program that provides free grants to low income New Yorkers to pay for their home heating oil.

HEAP New York has three types of benefits:

1) Regular Benefits Provides free heating benefits to low income New Yorkers.

2) Emergency Benefits Emergency assistance for households in heat related emergency.

3) Heating equipment repair or replacement Replaces furnaces, boilers and heating components.

Income Guidelines

In order to be eligible for HEAP assistance, you must meet certain Income Guidelines

Applying For HEAP New York

Applying for HEAP is as easy as pie!

You can apply for HEAP New York in person at your local social services office.

When you go to the social service offices you must bring all of the Necessary Documents like proof of address, proof for people in your household, social security number, fuel bills, income etc.

The next step is to let HEAP know that you’ll be using D-Naf Fuel Oil Company.

D-Naf Fuel Oil Company

(718) 845-0186

D-Naf Fuel Oil Company is an authorized Heap oil dealer for the State Of New York.

D-Naf Fuel Oil has been servicing the New York City area for close to 20 years. They provide premium grade heating oil at affordable, low prices. 24/7 emergency service and same day delivery are available!

Your HEAP representative will then determine your eligibility and the grant amount they’re willing to give you.

If you’re in an oil emergency, the NYS HEAP representative might want a 7 day letter. A 7 day letter is a letter from D-Naf Fuel Oil Company stating that Mr/Mrs John Doe is in an emergency and has less than 7 days worth of oil. D-Naf would fax or email the 7 day letter over to the HEAP offices.

Your oil will then be delivered to you, from D-Naf Fuel Oil Company – FREE of charge!

That’s it.

You’re done!


Here’s a tip for dealing with HEAP: they’re very considerate of low income households with people that have vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities aren’t required to be approved for HEAP – but they do help. The vulnerabilities are:

- Children under 6 years old

- Adults over the age of 60.

- People with disabilities.

If you have any of those situations in your household, you’re encouraged to apply for HEAP New York assistance.

HEAP New York Websites

For more information concerning Heap New York, visit these sites:

HEAP New York Hotlines

  • 1-800-692-0557 (Heap New York City)
  • 1-800-342-3009 (Heap New York State)

If you’re a low income New Yorker or are in a heating oil emergency, don’t let your wife, children or family go cold this winter.

We encourage you to apply to the New York Heap Program for assistance.

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